Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Proof of a Lacking in Solution

We sit sometimes and wonder what if. The different scenarios and possiblities play out in our heads thinking how our lives would be better if and only what if. At the edge of our imaginations seems to lay a peace of mind in each and every one of us that tries to suggest time travel. An understanding with oneself that things can change and do change despite the truths of our reality. However when thoughts such as "what if" pop up, one is instantly and helplessly thinking in a depressed state of mind, for one never thinks how something could of been unless one does not enjoy the current scheme of his or her current world. Why do we think of the past and think that things could of been different? We always live in the present, as each breath passes, so do our chances to change the world around us. Regrets play a large role in recounting past events and are useless if you think in a methodical and logical processes of reasoning, but are essential in soothing wounds. It is a matter of balance; if one can recall joy then one also has to recall pain; those are the rules of nature.

So how do we cope? We try to keep our lives as balanced as possible, so when regrets surface, you have pleasant memories that can submerge them. This is not saying for one to be an optimist rather than a pessimist but have situations in your life when your glass is both half full and half empty. Enjoy the bliss of "now" in your life. Experience it, don't watch it.

Perhaps our greatest proof of a lacking in solution will be our lives. The indefinite and infinite probabilities of different lives will never give us a complete and fullfilling solution on how to live our lives. Each life is special and one of a kind; none can be judged based upon another.

So what would of happend if this hadn't been written?


Liz said...
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Anonymous said...

that article is real nice and ture I might add. I agree with you a 100%

One Being said...

was it too deep?

Anonymous said...

I love your articles, they are very thoughtful and interesting, keep em coming......

Anonymous said...

so, how is it working out for you? can you succesfully balance sweet memories with pain from the past?


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