Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Encounter with......evolution

We were feeding some geese at the lake and then some rock n roll bird flew in. It walked from side to side like it just had some fermented fruit sprinkled with some hallucinogen. The bird had spiked hair on its head and was bald on the sides. Is that natural? Maybe someone decided to play a joke on the bird and mess around with it. The poor bugger looked lost to add to it all so we threw it some bread. It had this look of helplessness and sorrow, maybe it was some trait to help it survive, because we instantly felt sorry for it. Perhaps a predator goes to attack it usually and then lets it go out of pity as well, evolution does wonders for it. Might look like a freak, but at least nothing wants to eat it. So, we threw it some bread and unfortunately for the dinosaur mutant drunk bird, one of the geese did not like that it got some bread so the goose chased it away, then flew after it, and gave that retard bird what looked like the avian equivalent of a UFC knockout then waited on top of it for a tapout. The goose landed on top of it and gave it 2-3 nice kicks to the head and the poor bastard stopped moving, so we took off our hats and gave it some silence. We thought our little rock n roll little monster with spiked hair dyed but then after the goose moved away, the little bugger was faking it. We still don't know what kind of bird that was but it was the size of a big duck, bald on sides of head kind of reddish with spiked hair on top of its head. Maybe this is some rapid step in evolution, but what could have caused this? Hold on a second ladies and gentlemen, I think we know why, it must be global warming that's causing this. I don't why that thought hasn't come up before but it always comes in handy when lacking an explanation ;)

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