Monday, October 25, 2010

The Flight

Today is one piece of your life, the flight,
We strive to achieve, to believe, to love, to do what's right.
It is a journey every day and night,
It's never easy, it's always a fight!
Life itself ain't black n white, it just isn't that plain,
Some things are seen only after you experience pain.
What's done is done,
There is no turnin back, hope it was fun, second chances, there are none.
That's what reality is,
Don't care what anyone says.
Whatever you do, remember not to forget,
You live once, I am willing to bet.
You will also live today only once, think twice,
Cause I can't tell you what happens next.
A slight of hand, a throw of the dice,
You can't figure it out, it's too complex.
Today is your life, the heartfelt goodbye of tomorrow,
Cherish your moments, remember your sorrow.
You are here for me just like I am here for you,
Look around, that's bullshit, that just ain't true.
Most people don't get it, we take it for granted, we don't take the time,
Seems, as if, caring for someone in todays world is a crime.
I am expecting of people, less and less,
Whether right or wrong, if you get this.... god bless.
Be the person you want to be,
Realize…. you on your own,
No one really cares about you, I hope you see.
I know it hurts to the bone,
But the truth is that we all, at some point, feel alone.
No matter if you are thrown or known,
Don't let shit bother you, be a stone.

As long as you, during your flight, shine bright,
People will care for you cause in a world of darkness, you are the light

How About Them Grapes?

Or; "how about them apples" is more popular title? So why did I ask about grapes. Well, yes it does sound more original, but besides that, there was a real legitimate reason. I like grapes. Eat more grapes and there will be more apples. After all, we know about gravity thanks to an apple.

So next time you are writing your hypothesis on Quantum Theory of Strings among gravity waves, throw some grapes around and maybe, just maybe , we might have another scientific breakthrough.

Where would we be without apples?
Not without Newton, but without apples, where would we be.

Well now the time has come to recognize grapes. So, how about them apples?
I mean grapes. Sorry.

It is wierd how that great leap of science evolution was given such a stupid story to go with it. It is as if Newton was an idiot and only got an idea when an apple fell on his head. Come on, give me a break. Give Newton more credit. Although this story could be real, it sounds funny. He realized complex relationships among celestial bodies after an apple fell on his head. I am thankful at least that it was an apple and not something heavier. But you never know, perhaps if the tree fell on him, his discovery would have been much greater. We would all be wearing our anti-gravity belts by now. Newton was a genius, give him more credit than that lousy story.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Global your wallets

For several years now, the news cycle has been bombarding us with 2 little words that have become double platinum. The words are oozing with money. They inspire altruism and make some people think that with their concern of it, they have become a better person. No, not operation freedom but Global Warming!

We are constantly shown graphs of how anything from us brushing our teeth to drinking beer causes temperatures to rise. It seems odd that everything is correlated to us causing the Global temperature rise.

We are reminded every day how the Earth would have been so much better off if it wasn't for us. You are shown these pictures of cuddly little birds or some cute animals to the point of acute interest. Then the statement comes that this animal is on the brink of extinction because of man made global warming(and you need to buy a Toyota Prius to save us). We are forced through guilt to buy things that are more expensive but "green".

Lets examine the new Chevy Volt. It is being touted as the car of the future that will put us on the right path to reversing "our damage" to the environment. However, the car runs on electricity using the grid and also requires regular unleaded gas for when the battery runs out(which is after about 70 miles). Well what do you think is used to make electricty, fuel perhaps? To charge this car every night will cost you and fuel for this car will cost you. Also, the price tag for it is around $40k! A honda accord or toyota camry that cost around $20k which get approximately 30mpg will cost you less per mile in the short and long run. The car is "Green" in the fact that it will cost you major denero$$.

Notice how every month is compared to the warmest on record no matter how far off it is. How every single hurricane or rainstorm causes news stations to ask if this could be caused by global warming. Also while presenting it they make it appear like it such a grand and perplexing possibility like they just discovered they have ears on both sides of their head. This doesn't stop when we get to winter time because apparently snow storms are caused by global warming too.

For god's sake, stop it. We only have temperature records dating back a hundred years or so, the rest is still in theory. Weather forecasters can't even predict with decent accuracy what the weather is going to be a week from now, not even mentioning what it will be in 10 or 20 years. If there is one thing we know for sure about the weather, it is that it is variable.

There are many different factors that affect our climate which we have not accounted for yet. For the same reason we cannot predict the weather very well a week from now, we cannot survey correctly our entire climactic system because we do not know of all the variables involved. Our climate goes through cycles not based on our daily commutes but based on ocean circulation and sun output to simplify.

The majority of our planet is covered by ocean and this is the major factor causing climate change. The pacific ocean(happens to be our biggest) goes through a warm or cold cycle, when it changes, we are going to feel it. The past 20 years or so it has been in a warm cycle, the next 10 to 20 years it is going into a cold cycle. We will probably even experience a global cooling in the coming years not because Al Gore's movie reduced co2 output by us human folk but because of our natural climactic cycle.

The global warming swindle is like the following example. The ocean gets warmer and you just happened to take a piss earlier that week. Then your friend observes the water temperature rise and also knows that earlier that week you took a whiz in the ocean. Then, your friend instead of contemplating other factors takes this coincidence and correlates your pissing in the ocean to the ocean getting warmer. Oh and then makes a graph illustrating it while suggesting you piss in the lake to make it better while buying stuff that will help your aim.