Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Flight

Today is one piece of your life, the flight,

We strive to achieve, to believe, to love, to do what's right.

It is a journey every day and night,

It's never easy, it's always a fight!

Life itself ain't black n white, it just isn't that plain,

Some things are seen only after you experience pain.

What's done is done,

There is no turnin back, hope it was fun, second chances, there are none.

That's what reality is,

Don't care what anyone says.

Whatever you do, remember not to forget,

You live once, I am willing to bet.

You will also live today only once, think twice,

Cause I can't tell you what happens next.

A slight of hand, a throw of the dice,

You can't figure it out, it's too complex.

Today is your life, the heartfelt goodbye of tomorrow,

Cherish your moments, remember your sorrow.

You are here for me just like I am here for you,

Look around, that's bullshit, that just ain't true.

Most people don't get it, we take it for granted, we don't take the time,

Seems, as if, caring for someone in today's world is a crime.

We expecting of people, less and less,

Whether right or wrong, if you get this.... god bless.

Be the person you want to be,

Realize…. you not on your own,

Some people care, I hope you see.

I know it hurts to the bone,

But the truth is that we all, at some point, feel alone.

No matter if you are thrown or known,

Don't let anything bother you, be a stone.

As long as you, during your flight, shine bright,
People will care for you cause in a world of darkness, you are the light

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