Monday, April 20, 2009


An interesting day indeed. It is the day before friday and the day we start thinking about friday. It's just like any other day really except it is not. I would even venture out and say it is the best day of the week. You start thinking about your weekend and just that thought brightens your mood and day. The mere thought of being able to lay back makes us feel better. Consider it the day of dreams. We conjure up different ideas of how we want to spend the weekend and how great it will be. Then comes the weekend and it's over before you know it. The ironic thing is that you feel better about the weekend sometimes than you do during the weekend. Our thoughts paint the picture nicely and it doesn't always get painted during the weekend. I like the weekend and friday, don't get me wrong, but sometimes thinking and day dreaming about it is more fun than the actual thing. An interesting day indeed.

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Anonymous said...

hahahhaaha....and so true