Monday, April 20, 2009

Unfounded Expectation

It absolutely warms our souls when people try to help us by reprimanding us behind our backs. So you sit there minding your own business eating with someone from your office and exchanging jokes enjoying the times. Everything is good, and then you start seeing relations deteriorate between the two of you and it becomes unpleasant to be in the same room with the person. Then that person's best friend (your friend too) comes to you and says that they are mad at you because your best friend didn't clean their dishes for them while they were in the lunch room (?????) and not only that, the person telling you this is completely on their side brainwashed. Hahahaha....WTF? Why should my best friend clean your dishes, on what basis do you think that is okay? Not only that but they can't even tell you themselves or to your friend, they make it as uncomfortable as possible and do it all behind your back, and you and your friend don't even know what you did wrong.
Then they go and tell you that it is for your own good because then your best friend will clean your dishes too someday. Why would one try to "help" in such a lowly manipulative unpleasant way? Tell me your thoughts

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